Snatched & Fabulous The Intro…

Hey everyone!

As I’ve worked on this blog I’ve tried several different components that at the time seemed like it would be a perfect fit for LST and the direction I wanted it to go in. Some I’ve revamped and changed the name others I’ve gotten rid of all together. The whole purpose of LST is to transform the lives of women through style, fashion and community. This means taking a more intimate look at your life and style and finding your voice in this world. Nowadays there are a TON of style and fashion blogs that you can visit. It’s inspiring that people are so brave as to allow others to share a portion of their lives style wise but there’s another part that I feel should be shown too.

Giving back is something that I feel everyone should be doing. Whether you’re donating to a non-profit organization or volunteering for a local charity in some way, shape or form your life should be a reflection of your giving. It’s crucial to ensuring that those who don’t have much or are looking to better their lives have people to go to in their time of need. I applaud those who do it, especially those who do it without expecting anything in return.

Snatched and Fabulous or SnF is a segment that looks to highlight just that. I’m a lover of all things style and fashion but I also adore those who give to others. If you haven’t heard of the term “snatched” it basically means that the person they are referring to is giving you your life in some type of way. Their style is serving you fierceness and has literally caused you too grasp your pearls and holler “YAAASSSS” lol. Fabulous can mean multiple things but for the sake of this blog it reflects on the heart of the person. The person who is fabulous in my book is the one that is here to help other people.

Someone who is “Snatched and Fabulous” is both stylish and giving. They have embraced who they are, their personal style and are on a mission to impact and change people’s lives. These people have a story and aren’t afraid to be transparent. These are the people that need to be celebrated and it’s a movement that I hope touches a lot of people.

There will be two components to this, one where I highlight a celeb whose SnF and the other where I highlight people like you! So I’m looking for everyone that is “Snatched and Fabulous” I want to hear your story, showcase your personal style and help shed light on your cause or ways you are impacting others. If you feel as if you fit don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here for YOU!

xoxo B

SnF The Intro

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