SnF: Beyonce

Hey everyone!

As I said in the Intro post SnF will take a look at celebs that are “Snatched and Fabulous” and my auntie Beyonce is no exception (yes she’s my auntie…well in my head at least lol). Beyonce always slays and serves all around fierceness whenever she performs. It’s like the moment she graces the stage life is given and you get served a performance that is just sickening.

If you follow Bey’s Instagram or Tumblr account you have been brought into a more personal side of Bey. We get a glimpse into her life and better yet we get to see how amazing her personal style is. Now we all know that her phenomenal stylist Ty Hunter keeps her looking all types of fabulous but it hasn’t been until recently that we get to see her true personal style. I for one LOVE almost everything that she posts but what’s really interesting is how versatile and relatable her style is. We’re used to seeing Bey in the gorgeous outfits she wears for her shows so getting to see this side is refreshing. She can rock a form fitted dress, a tailored suit and jeans and a sweater with ease. She definitely not afraid of color which is a major plus for me! She exudes grace and class…

SnF Beyonce

SnF Beyonce

SnF Beyonce

SnF Beyonce

SnF Beyonce

Now just having style doesn’t make one SnF…it’s all about the giving and helping others too. What I love most about Beyonce is that her giving doesn’t come from the fact that she’s a celeb and it’s good PR to give back but it comes from a place that’s deeper and embedded in who she is. While she has always been involved in giving back just recently Beyonce founded the organization “Chime for Change” along with Salma Hayek Pinault and Frida Ginnini which advocates for equal rights and opportunity in women’s health, education and justice. In a fund and awareness raising concert she kicked off her new campaign which helped to raise money to bring equality to women’s rights around the world. Beyonce also has teamed up with Goodwill on her Mrs. Carter World tour to encourage her followers to donate items to the organization. At every show in the US fans can donate items at the mobile site and are even encouraged to spread the word by using the hashtag #BeyGood on all social media. Not only is she involved with these two organizations she’s also teamed up with Miss A Meal, Elevate NYC and Catapult to raise awareness and money for people around the world. Now this woman is a wife, mother, has a demanding career and STILL finds the time to support others who need it most! Now if that’s not SnF I don’t know what is!!!

Bey Chime for Change

Bey Chime for Change

Beyonce truly inspires me! She inspires me to believe that I can go after my dreams, have a family and still look fierce at the same time! I love her spirit and how she plays no games but is genuine in her desire to help others. Now say what you want but I applaud Bey and everything that she does.

She is truly Snatched & Fabulous!!!

xoxo B

Disclaimer: I do not own these images, the images are owned by that of the individual.


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