SnF: Brandy

“Sitting up in my room, back here thinking about yooooouuu, I must confess I’m a mess for you!” Oh I know y’all remember that song! You couldn’t tell me a thing when I was singing it back in the day! Brandy was my girl back then and still is today!

Lately Brandy has been serving a whole plate of fabulous fashion moments!! I love how her style has evolved and it reflects her personality.  Her personal style to me is what I like to call jazzy fem.  She can rock a mini dress and still look classy, jazzy and feminine at the same time.  I love how she always just exudes womanhood and is bold in her fashion statements.  She wears vibrant colors and patterns which I absolutely love and isn’t afraid to mix prints which gets another high five! I admire how fashion forward she is and that smile of hers just lights up any space she’s in!!

SnF: Brandy

SnF: Brandy

 SnF: Brandy

One of things that I love most is hearing stories about people who truly invest in other people’s dreams.  It hits a special place in my heart because it makes affirms my sentiments on being here to help others.

Brandy is no different, from the moment I heard this story I was hooked and had fallen in love with how she helped to make one of her biggest fans dreams come true. If you haven’t heard of this story then be prepared to get your life because this tops anything else I’ve heard of this year.

Chasing your dreams can be an arduous task from consistently believing that you have what it takes to achieve them and pushing through all the negative things that may come your way, going after what you love isn’t easy.  It takes determination, faith and a whole lot of perseverance but when you come face to face with the moment that catapults you to where you are living your dream that is something special.

Tatiana Ward or BeatFaceHoney came to that moment back in March when she got the chance to do Brandy’s makeup.  Now Tatiana is a HUGE Brandy fan and had decided to get on her YouTube channel and post a video asking her hundreds of thousands of followers to @ Brandy on Instagram so that she could do her makeup for an upcoming show she was performing at in Philadelphia.  Not only did her followers support her like no other, they successfully managed to gain Brandy’s attention and she ended up asking Tatiana to do her makeup for not one show but for the THREE days she was going to be in town!!

Now what makes this impactful was how Tatiana described Brandy’s demeanor and interaction with her.  Brandy didn’t come off as if she was doing Tatiana a favor but that Tatiana was doing a favor for her.  She was understanding and supportive.  She invested in her while she was there and made sure that she felt welcomed and apart of the entourage.  That captivated me and touched my heart.  Here Tatiana was an emerging makeup artist doing her fav singer’s makeup and Brandy was investing in her far more than just getting her makeup done.  It doesn’t stop there though…Brandy since then has asked Tatiana to do her makeup on several different occasions and she keeps in contact with her.  Tatiana went from struggling with day to day life to walking in her dream and beating the faces of multiple celebrities!!

SnF: Brandy

This story just gives hope and reassurance that there are people out there who are in positions to invest and bless others and do just that!  I have a new level of respect for Brandy.  That’s what it’s all about though, remembering that you once struggled to get where you are and once you reached where you want to be, going back and make a different in other’s lives.

Y’all know I love those who give to others.  It gets me all giddy inside! So Brandy sis you are definitely SnF! You by far are a beautiful soul in and out and I applaud you for everything you are doing!

xoxo B


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