SnF: Meagan Good

 SnF Meagan Good

Respect yourself, be conscious and don’t settle!

There aren’t too many celebrities that I can say that I actually look up to and that I respect.  It seems as if so many will do anything just to remain in the spotlight and in the process lose who they truly are. Now we all know they kind of attention celebrities get, everyone thinks they know every detail of their lives and they have something to say about what happened, how it went down and what should’ve been done.  They express their opinion, when most of the time it’s never asked for, and confront these celebs for decisions and mistakes they make.  They often forget that these people are human just like them and are pursuing and doing something they love.

As I follow Meagan Good on Instagram I’ve noticed how she handles her life in the spotlight.  How she addresses those who will blatantly disrespect or attack her for living her life.  The constant comments regarding her beliefs, what she chooses to wear or post on Instagram most of the time are either ignorant, disrespectful or a complete attack on her character.  While many would respond back with snippy remarks, simply go in or make it seem as if they are so much higher and better than them, Meagan responds with a level of love and grace that astounds and inspires me.  Her responses are always non-judgmental, real and full of compassion.  She tries to teach and correct in a way that most people can learn a thing or two from.

Now this wouldn’t be SnF without discussing how amazing Meagan’s person style is.  She is definitely a free spirit and her style reflects that. Her personal style is certainly all things street chic! Leggings, flannels, beanies, jeans and screen tees are her go to whenever she’s not in glam mode.  It’s casual and relatable. I mean who doesn’t understand the comfort in throwing on some leggings to run errands for the day.  When she is in glam mode she is feminine and sexy.  Her red carpet gowns are always a showstopper and I love how she’s on trend and fashionable when she’s making appearances at different events.  A wild child at heart I love her fun and free sense of style!  You can truly see how her growth and confidence in herself is beginning to show in the way she dresses.

Meagan Good Style

Meagan Good Style

Meagan Good Style

Meagan Good Style

Meagan Good Style

To say Meagan is a transformed woman is an understatement.  Her character is what is most striking to me and I love and admire her heart for Christ.  She stands boldly for what she believes in and doesn’t apologize for it.  She has married the man of her dreams and their marriage is an example of accepting one another for who they are and not some image that people think they should be.  She is extremely talented and continues to flourish in her career and experience life in new ways.  Meagan is loving, confidant, virtuous and exudes strength.  She knows exactly who God made her to be and she moves forward in that.  I love her quirky personality and the fact that she loves to laugh and have fun.  She lives life to the max and is passionate about transforming lives along the way.

SnF Meagan Good

Her recent project Bridge Da Gap is a youth development program that seeks to impact teen’s lives by teaching them necessary life skills.  They discuss topics regarding drug abuse, peer pressure, patience, team building, self-respect and self-love.  She also hosted an event called Project Beautiful Me, which was a prom dress drive for girls who couldn’t afford to buy dresses for their prom.   I watched a YouTube video of an interview that her hand her husband DeVon did and to hear her speak about her passion for young women moved me.  How she related her own personal story in her desire to see women respect themselves and guard their hearts and bodies was refreshing.

“In God’s eyes we are all made perfect and his eyes are the only ones that matter.”


God does some amazing things in people’s lives daily but when you get to see that publicly someone who is unashamed of where they cam from and where they are going it’s inspiring.  Meagan you have the most beautiful and positive spirit!  You better go ahead and be SnF boo!




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