SnF: “Dream Big & Pray Bold” – Ashley Joy

SnF Ashley Joy There are times that I sit back and think about the people that are in my life.  I assess how they are adding value to my life; how I am growing as a result of their presence and just how blessed I am for them supporting me.  I get so pumped about these people…these precious souls that God has placed in my life.  I value their words of encouragement and some of these people I’ve never met a day in my life…Ashley Joy is one of them.

I first came into contact with Ashley through twitter.  Almost immediately I was blown away by her boldness and just how real she was.  I was just starting my walk with Christ again and was looking for some women who were not only powerful but women who were inspirational and loved people like no other.  It became critically important that I had a different encounter with Christ this time.  I had grew up in the church and like so many stories was hurt by those who were in the church.  I resented a lot of things; I was hurt and rejected so me beginning this walk again was crucial.  I needed to experience Christ in a new way and have since found exactly what I was looking for.

Through following Ashley on social media I was convicted, I laughed and was inspired to go after my dreams.  Although I don’t know her but I feel like she is just like those people I hold dear to my heart and became thankful that God placed her in my life.  A woman of great faith I admire her transparency and her drive.  Her blog has been a tremendous blessing and has helped me through some critical areas in my life.

So as I was thinking about people to interview for SnF I just knew I had to interview her!  An author, speaker and servant-leader she embodies everything that LST stands for.  Her life’s vision is to “aspire to teach and instill a sense of purpose in everyone that she comes in contact with.”  Her vision “Dream Big & Pray Bold” challenges people daily to chase after their dreams and God-given purpose.

Ashley describes her personal style as classy, trendy and vibrant.  She absolutely loves prints and colors and anytime she posts a picture that’s exactly what you see and I absolutely adore it!  She exudes womanhood and her style showcases how you can be trendy and still classy without losing who you are.  Her style icons are Fergie for her boldness, Michelle Obama for her class and Solange Knowles for her eclectic style.

SnF Ashley Joy

SnF Ashley Joy

SnF Ashley Joy

SnF Ashley Joy

SnF Ashley Joy

Check out the interview I did with her…

Tell me a little bit about yourself? Where are you from?

My name is Ashley Joy Causey, I was born July 20, 1986 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I was raised in New Orleans, La and I am the youngest of 4 and only girl. I love to travel, I love people and I love experiencing different cultures. 

What is/are your passion(s) in life? When did you first discover them?

My passion in life is to instill a sense of purpose and self worth upon everyone that I meet. I feel that I’ve always known that was born to uplift and encourage the masses. I didn’t walk confidently in my purpose/passion until I was older and wiser in the things of Lord. 

What do you currently do? Do you own your own business? If so what is the name and mission?

Currently, I travel abroad working as a communications/sales manager for a company in Europe. Also, I am an Author, writer and speaker. I do keynote addresses, workshops and consulting through my website

Did you have any fears or insecurities when starting your own business?

There’s always feelings of fear that comes with launching your dreams. Doubt, unpreparedness and tons question of qualifications. I definitely experienced those feelings when debuting my book and website.

Describe you or your brand in one word.


You have a book out called Dreams of Joy, what is it about and how did you decide that it was time for you to write a book?

Dreams of Joy is about my life experiences that challenged me to come alive to purpose, while coming face-to-face with an Unfailing God and His Unfailing Love. I decided it was time to write my book when God first gave me the vision years ago that I was going to be an author and speaker traveling the world. Since then it was a heavy pulling on my spirit to write specifically lessons He was giving me about life.

Who are you trying to reach with your book?

My desire is to reach dispassionate young people and adults who may be forsaking their identity not realising their dreams, and purpose are at stake.

[insert book pic]

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in going after your dreams?

I believe the biggest obstacle I have faced has been overcoming insecurities and confidently walking in the dreams that God has given me.

What/Who inspires you?

Life, travel, love, religion and culture all inspire me to be a better woman and to write. 

How do you motivate yourself?

I motivate myself by spending time in the presence of God and by reading His word and writing in my journal.

In what ways do you try to impact other people’s lives?

I try to impact other people’s lives by recognizing the qualities and skills that they may have and encouraging them in specific areas they could benefit in growing.

To me giving back is a critical part of life, why do you think it’s important to give back?

Its important to give back because I am a beneficiary of those who have come before me and paved the way for me to be all that I am. Those African-American writers and storytellers pursued their dreams, and have also inspired me to pursue mine. I always say someone else’s destiny is dependent on your purpose. Give yourself to your purpose and you don’t know who you may help save.

If you could have one dream come true, what would that be?

If I could have one dream come true it would be to see all my loved ones saved and experience the fullness of living a life in Christ.


What advice to do have for others?

My advice to others is to truly answer the call that is on their life, and to answer the pull that is on their spirit. To live a life full of love, peace and forgiveness. Right now more than ever I have been witnessing so many great things come to past in the lives of others, and I believe anything we ask on earth will be done in heaven. God is looking for people who is available.

Over the course of the year that I have known Ashley I’ve participated in many of challenges that she has had each one of them has helped me to look at my life and purpose in new ways.  Back in November of 2012 she had a Vision Board Challenge where ladies from around the world made vision boards for the year 2013.  I did this with my SMART Girls and we all definitely benefited from it.  I’m currently doing the Soul Detox Journal Challenge with her.  This challenge helps us to disconnect from our daily lives and spend some much-needed time with Christ.  Its only day 5 and I’ve unquestionably experienced Christ in new ways! You are more than welcome to still join the challenge, just get a journal and spend 30-45 minutes or longer with Christ each day.  We’ll be doing it until September 9!  You can find more about Ashley and her work at or follow her on twitter and Instagram at @distinctivefemale.

God has his own way of placing people that we need in our lives.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the way he has used Ashley to be a blessing to mine!  Ash…sis, you are definitely Snatched & Fabulous!  Love you!



SnF Ashley Joy


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