It’s always chic to “Do Good”! – A SnF Review of Warby Parker

Hello there dolls!

While we all love the latest fashion trends and deals that can help build our wardrobes into our personal style havens, I’d like to focus some attention on a wonderful company that is out to make a difference in the world.

Social entrepreneurship has been a rising term lately and businesses from TOMS to FEED have embraced the idea of selling products to help fund ways to give back to those in need around the world.  Warby Parker is another company that has chosen to take their incredibly stylish high-end eyewear and use it to make a difference.

Warby Parker "Do Good"Their “Do Good” program, similar to Tom’s “One for One” program, seeks to donate a pair of eyewear to someone in need for every pair that you purchase.  What’s incredible about this is not only are the glasses great quality but it gives you the ability to give back while purchasing a pair of chic and fashionable glasses for yourself!  I honestly love the idea of social entrepreneurship because it takes our love for shopping and turns it into an avenue to directly help others.  There’s nothing more snatched and fabulous than that!

Looking at the statistics on their page it’s apparent how important a program like this is.  According to their website, about one billion people do not have access to affordable glasses which can directly impact their income.  When proper eyewear is worn a person’s household income can be increased by 20%!  Warby Parker works with non-profit agencies to identify those who need eyewear and to ensure that each sale results in someone in need getting a pair of glasses.  As it stands now over 500,000 people have received a pair of glasses! How amazing is that!  I was browsing through their “WP Stories” and they touched my heart! I love hearing about how lives are impacted through giving!

You can purchase your eyewear online OR visit one of their locations that are on their website!  Their Spring 2014 collection offers a variety of modern classics, daring hues and even interesting frames that will fit any type of mood or personality.  I’m personally digging the “Reilly – Marzipan Tortoise” and “Burke – Tennessee Whiskey”!

Top: "Quimby - Absinthe" Bottom: "Reilly - Marzipan Tortoise"

Top: “Quimby – Absinthe”
Bottom: “Reilly – Marzipan Tortoise”

Top: "Walker - Canton Blue" Bottom: "Burke - Tennessee Whiskey"

Top: “Walker – Canton Blue”
Bottom: “Burke – Tennessee Whiskey”

If you’re looking for a pair of new glasses then definitely check them out!  It’s an amazing way to look good while giving back!

Have an amazing day loves!


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Disclaimer: While I was contacted by a representative from Warby Parker to do a blog post on this program, I did not receive any compensation and all thoughts, ideas and feelings are my own.

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