Love & Inspiration: Don’t Be Ashamed

L&I: Don't Be Ashamed

Happy Monday loves!!

There’s so much about our past that we tend to think is shameful. We’ve lied, we’ve fornicated, and we’ve gossiped or even betrayed someone we love. Our pasts are filled with things we wish would’ve never happened or things we wish we could change. We spend so much time regretting those things and fail to look at it as a testimony to inspire or impact the life another person.

You have to begin to tell yourself that your past is a beautiful reminder of how far you’ve come. That it’s the jumping off point for growth and the story that will help someone get through their struggle. You past is meant to be lesson and the more transparent you are, the more free you become.

Don’t try to hide who you once used to be. Embrace, love and forgive yourself. We all make mistakes but it is how we use those mistakes that determine how we continue to move forward!

Take sometime this week and share your story with someone if you get the opportunity. You will be amazed at how healing can begin upon releasing those things that have tried to keep us in bondage.

I hope you all have a wonderful week loves!!


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