Werk Wednesday: Cat Eyes

Hey baddies!

A couple of weeks ago we were all into embellished looks! I love how these over the top wardrobe statements can turn into something trendy and fashionable. The baddie who absolutely WERKED her looks is the beautiful Monica (awedbymonica.blogspot.com)!!

Monica - awedbymonica.blogspot.com

Monica – awedbymonica.blogspot.com

From her sequined green midi skirt, to her studded heels, to her simply perfect multi-colored jeweled bunny ear headband, this look is embellished in ALL of the right ways! I adore this entire look, especially that headband! So fun and chic! Monica, love you better WERK!

Cat Eyes

There are a ton of trends going around when it comes to finding the perfect sunnies but there is none more retro than the cat-eye sunglasses! These unique frames have been around for decades (think 60’s chic) but how they’ve remained relevant and have become more modern is alluring! Not only are they glamorous and edgy, these sunnies are perfect for those who want to add a little quirky twist to their looks!

Amy Valentine - amyvalentine.co.uk

Amy Valentine – amyvalentine.co.uk

Nany - nanysklozet.com | Ria Michelle - riamichelle.com

Nany – nanysklozet.com | Ria Michelle – riamichelle.com

Photo C/O Pinterest | Monica - awedbymonica.blogspot.com

Photo C/O Pinterest | Monica – awedbymonica.blogspot.com

Lydia - styleistyle.com | Solange

Lydia – styleistyle.com | Solange

kayture.com | Enocha - locksandtrinkets.com

kayture.com | Enocha – locksandtrinkets.com



Shalex - shalex.net

Shalex – shalex.net

From bold colors to eye-catching styles these sunglasses are the perfect for summer. What’s even more amazing about these sunnies is that they practically suit any face shape! I’m sure you’ll feel very Aubrey Hepburn chic in these babies! Def a must have for a summer of fun!

How will you be rocking your cat-eye sunglasses? Don’t forget to hashtag #WerkWednesdayLST , tag myself @_lst_ on Twitter or Instagram or email me at lovestyletransform@gmail.com with your looks! I’m so pumped to see them!

Have a beautiful day baddies!


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