Love & Inspiration: Live in Love!

Choose LoveHello there lovies!!

So with all the attention there’s been on celebs making less than ideal choices lately I wanted to post a reminder of the best way to respond not only to celeb news but to those people you encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes we get so caught up in another person’s mistakes that it becomes easy to judge or jump to conclusions when we don’t even have the full story.  I’m guilty of it, the moment I saw the video clip of August Alsina snap on Keshia Chante (106 & Park host) I was like who is this guy and why does he have the balls to go off like that.  My immediate reaction was disdain and an outright dislike of him.  After hearing the whole story I realized just how misinformed I was.  I saw a clip and decided to make a decision about him from that.  In no way was that ok, just like how he responded wasn’t the best way to get his point across.

I’m saying all this to say that your reaction to everything should be love.  Nothing can survive without it and instead of goin in on how ridiculous their mistakes are, or forming your opinion on half stories, choose to respond in love.  Choose to give people the benefit of the doubt or voice your opinion with class and respect for them as a person.  We’ve all made mistakes and while there’s may be more public than ours, it doesn’t give us the right to react the way that we do at times.  I would love for celebs to be more like role models to our younger generation but the truth is some just aren’t interested and that is when WE have to step up and show them differently.

This scripture is prob one of my faves.  It reminds me that no matter what I do, how I think or how I feel, I must love.  I openly discuss my faith and to immediately judge without all the facts is doing my Father a disservice.  God is love and if you profess to love him then you must live it…no matter what.  This is something I consistently work on.  Love is embedded in my DNA and I want others to see that more than anything else.

This week I challenge everyone to choose love.  Choose to respond differently and continue to love people for who they are! You get so much more accomplished when you take that route!

Have an amazing day!!


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