Love & Inspiration: YOU have the Power

Love & Inspiration: YOU have the PowerHey dolls!

This past weekend just gave me a glimpse of what’s for me, that I can actually live my dreams and passions. It was so exhilarating to be able to attend fashion week and chosen to be a fashion ambassador. I just kept remembering where I came from, how a year ago I didn’t even think this was possible let alone thought that I had the power within me to make things happen. A year ago I was hurt and frustrated living in my mother’s basement. Everything was going the opposite of how I thought it would be going and I felt more hopeless than ever.

I’m just a testament to the love and mercy that God has for us. I am an example of grace and just thinking about where I’ve come from brings tears to my eyes. This journey has been hard but incredible. I’ve grown and will continue to fight through anything that comes my way.

Always remember, even when you feel low, that you have the power. You have the power to change your circumstances, to chase your dreams and live a life that you know you deserve. No matter what never forget that. Let that be your driving motivation to keep fighting because in the end it WILL pay off!

Stay strong sis! You CAN make things happen!


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