Love & Inspiration: Look At Them

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Y’all I’m so hurt right now.  What’s happening in St. Louis is insane. I will start off by saying that this post is not intended to get into the great race debate or to attack anyone in any way but today I must speak to my people in love and the community that I have come to call home.

What started off last night as a peaceful walk/protest for what happened to Mike Brown, turned into riots and looting on heartbreaking levels.

To bring some people up to speed, Mike Brown was a teenager who as shot and killed by a police officer Saturday afternoon. While several versions of the story have surface, a couple of things remain true, he was shot multiple times all while being unarmed.

So a community is outraged, we want answers and we want things done right! We wanted national attention to bring light to this case, to ensure that justice was served and wasn’t just swept under the rug. Instead we received national attention for destroying our community, for acting like fools and playing into the exact stereotypes that they portray of us.

I don’t understand how stealing weave, beer and rims will bring about change. How looting a four pack of 2 ply from Family Dollar helps Mike Brown and his family but I’m deeply sadden to see my people act this way and it tears my heart apart. I get it people are mad, they’re acting off emotions but since when did acting off emotions solve anything! Looking at all of these pictures and videos just lets me know we MUST address the bigger issue. We HAVE to do something different because THIS cannot happen again!

I’ve read countless comments on all of the news sites reporting on this situation. People are mocking and laughing at us.

“Look at them destroying their own community.”

“Look at them, animals, attacking one another instead of coming together.”

They sit back and laugh and we wonder why they treat us they way that they do.

What the nation and myself witnessed last night wasn’t a group of people coming together, it was a group of people taking advantage of a tragic situation. What does stealing from stores have to do with fairness? How does taking cartons of cigarettes let people know we’re tired of the injustices we’ve experienced? Mike deserves justice, his family deserves the truth and no matter what we need to rally around each other. I’m proud to be a black woman, you won’t hear me ever say anything different.  I shake my head in sadness because I do not condone what happened.  Last night cannot overshadow Mike’s death; his friends and family don’t deserve that. The question now becomes where do we start? How do we turn things around?

What may have started as getting national attention in all the wrong ways, we must now flip to our advantage. We have the nation’s attention, now it’s time for them to look at us and see how we really get down!

I’m praying for St. Louis, I encourage all to do the same!


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One response to “Love & Inspiration: Look At Them

  1. Girl, I don’t know how many times I have said this every time we have a similar issue. I am always bewildered why we destroy our own communities when we feel a certain injustice. Prayers is all I have to offer because I am lost for this sort of societal reaction that minorities often turn to doing first.

    Thrifting Diva

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