Happy 2nd Blogiversary LST!


Hey dolls!

With everything being so busy between work and my personal life I can’t believe that my blogiversary snuck up on me like this!! I meant to have something grand and just amazing planned but life happens and I’ll have to wait for the pomp and circumstance later!!

It’s such an incredible feeling to have a blog that is two years old! I’m literally so grateful and just humbled at how much it has grown these past two years. Β It when from just two to three people viewing it a month to thousands and I can’t express just how much that means to me!

This is my heart, my other baby, and while I know I need to start posting regularly again, I wouldn’t change the path that it’s on for anything!! This year has been FULL of ups and downs but things can only get better from here! I just want to take the time to thank ALL of you for your support! For reading, for commenting and for just cheering me on! You all affirm me like no other and I’m eternally grateful to my readers!

So here’s to another year! Here’s to success and growth! I’m so ready for what’s in store next because God just keeps confirming that I’m doing what he has for me to do!


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