Christmas Traditions: Macy’s Holiday Celebration

Hey dolls!

Holiday traditions are nothing new to most families. While mine has one for Thanksgiving we have yet to come up with a great one for Christmas. Everything from secret Santa to Christmas breakfast are just a few of the family traditions I saw yesterday but there’s a St. Louis tradition that I recently got the chance to attend that just may have made my list!

Last weekend I got the incredible opportunity to see the Macy’s Holiday Celebration at Powell Symphony Hall courtesy of the amazing people at the Regional Arts Commission!


After being invited to download their new RAC app, I knew I was in for a treat! The Regional Arts Commission always has exciting arts and cultural events in their back pocket so once I finished perusing the app I knew this was just what I needed! After browsing through it and debating on which event to choose, I went with a St. Louis family tradition and picked the Macy’s Holiday Celebration!!


While I had never been to a symphony before I knew I was in for a treat! Me and my best friend arrived at Powell Hall and I was blown away by their decor and the spirit of Christmas that filled the room!!

As we made our way to our seats we couldn’t help but be excited! We were like kids in a candy store and our seats were nothing short of amazing! Seeing that CHRISTMAS time is my favorite time of year I was pretty pumped to hear all my fave songs live and with a world renowned symphony!

From the first song to the last, I was captivated!! The symphony played beautifully and I was in awe of how amazing the show was. We laughed, sang, and could definitely see why it is a St. Louis family tradition! I’m looking forward to bringing my son next year!

It was such an amazing first time experience at the symphony and I look forward to more chances to visit in the future!



What family traditions do you all have?

Happy Holidays Dolls!

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