About LST

LST’s mission is to create a unique fashion experience that empowers and inspires women of all ages.  It is an online blog that features women’s unique personal style while engaging them about topics and issues that facilitate love and healthy growth and transform their lives.

Using style to transform lives isn’t just about putting new clothes on a person, it’s about getting them to discover something deep within themselves that once discovered helps transform their style and their life.  This blog was started as a commission from Christ which led to Brittany embracing and merging two of her passions:  personal style and helping others.  Style is a way to let the world know who you are without uttering a word.  It gives people an insight to a part of you; it’s a way to showcase your personality.  Love is critical when you are trying to impact people’s lives.  Love is what drives us, surrounds us and what most of us try to experience in life.  Love first starts with you, when you love others you begin to get more out of life.

This blog is a journey and a look into the life of a woman who’s passionate about living out her life’s purpose and being a help to others along the way.



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