Meet B

Hey dolls! It’s me B!

Before I became a blogger, attended runway shows or even cared for fashion at all I was just a regular girl who didn’t have an ounce of personal style. No seriously, it’s now a running joke in my family how I used to have ZERO fashion sense! Lol My idea of a stylish outfit consisted of popped collared Aero polo’s, flared Mudd jeans and butterfly clips.


Oh middle school to freshman year of college…early BStyle lol

So you can imagine my surprise as I was riding into work one day in 2012, when it fell on my spirit (in other words, came as a thought) for me to start a fashion blog. I think I may have laughed or cried a little after I fully processed what God was saying because I just knew I didn’t hear what I just thought I had heard. To know me back in the day meant that you knew that Brittany and fashion did not mix. I mean I was more into looking like everyone else than stepping out and doing my own thing.

So there I was an unfashionable girl with the God-given purpose to dance down her own stylish path! I had no clue what to do but I was determined to get it done! Through some wins and some mistakes, Love.Style.Transform. was launched!

It’s been two years of chic madness but it’s also been two years of getting to know and love who I am! I’m a woman on a mission, a woman whose style represents her journey! This blog merges two passions of mine: personal style and helping others and after keeping the two separate for years, this became the platform to unite them into one!

LST is meant is to inspire other women to embrace their own stylish journey and it’s my hope that it will help to transform lives along the way! If you can’t tell, I’m all sorts of pumped to be connected to you beautiful ladies!! This is a beautiful journey that we’re all on and I’m so blessed for you all to be apart of this with me!

Y’all ready to Love.Style.Transform.? I know I am! 😀




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